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Securing Art, Artifacts and Antiquities for Artists, Dealers, Collectors and Museums

Montibon Provenance International (MPI) secures art, artifacts and antiquities from fraud, forgery, theft and counterfeit provenance documentation. These problems have plagued the Art market for centuries. MPI has developed solutions that solve these problems.

MPI has launched the Protect Sovereign Native Art Initiative to help defend Native artists and collectors of American Indian art from fraud. Using leading-edge technologies, MPI offers innovative new ways to identify, secure and certify the authenticity of artwork produced by living Native American artists.

Native artists and tribes interested in participating in the launch of this program, can join by contacting MPI directly.

Each aspect of the global trade in art, artifacts and antiquities has its own challenges. Fraud, forgery, theft, and counterfeit documentation are four entirely different, yet overlapping problems. MPI has developed a flexible menu of products and services to combat the entire range of problems for art world clients, including Native American artists, contemporary artists, dealers, collectors and museums.

MPI transparently marks works for identification purposes and produce secure certificates which provide buyers with verifiable documentation of a work's authenticity. MPI is able to mark and ID paintings, drawings, photography, pottery and many forms of sculpture and is currently developing processes that will work with very small objects, such as jewelry.

MPI technician moves artwork to easel
MPI technician readies artwork for marking process.


A world in which artists, art dealers, collectors and museums are protected from forgery and fraud; where certification and provenance documents are nearly impossible to counterfeit; the theft of art is less prevalent; the recovery of stolen art work is streamlined and efficient; and criminal organizations are no longer free to traffic in, and profit from, fraud, stolen art and looted cultural artifacts and antiquities.


To transform the global art market with comprehensive, one-of-a-kind solutions that leverage unique scientific and technological discoveries to significantly reduce risk, threats and expense.

MPI: Transparent mark can be placed anywhere
MPI's mark is transparent, thus can be placed anywhere on a work of art, front or back. Mark location is up to the artist.

For Native American Artists and Collectors of American Indian Arts

One of the major challenges for Native American art is fraud in the form of fake "Indian Art" originating from foreign countries. This kind of fraud is associated with fake "American Indian" art mass-produced with cheap materials. The fakes are often accompanied by fraudulent "certificates of authenticity" that are unverifiable. Artists are losing legitimate sales and buyers are getting ripped off.

The illegal export of protected Native tribal cultural and religious artifacts out of the country to be sold to collectors in Europe or Asia is another problem. Repatriating such artifacts involves proving title and chain-of-custody. Doing so requires courtroom admissible provenance documents that one can prove have not been altered. This is the next step in MPI's offerings for the art market.

MPI is also addressing the contemporary art market and will be offering full provenance documentation and long-term provenance archiving soon.

See the Benefits section of this site for more information.

MPI Services:

  Secure Identification Marking

  Secure Authenticity Certificates

In Development:

  Provenance Documents

  Document Archiving

  Provenance Document Updating

  Client Provenance Database

For more information about our services, please contact:

  Roy Montibon
  CEO / Creative Director
  213. 446. 6951

  Griffith A. Kundahl
  Communications Director
  720. 219. 3896

  Ross Hering
  Sales and Marketing Director
  949. 514. 4701